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homem branco vestido com roupa preta, sentado sobre cavalete, sobre fundo infinito branco
homem branco vestido com roupa preta, sentado sobre cavalete, sobre fundo infinito branco
mulher branca com vestido preto, sentada sobre cavalete, sobre fundo infinito branco

Daniel transits between conceptual spatial constructions e , between materiality and metaphor, crossing physical spaces with spaces of thought. He thinks with his hands, scribbling in his notebooks the possibilities of realizing our ideas in expographic, scenographic and architectural structures. In his academic career, seeks to bring elements of the artistic and experimental work developed in tantocria, confronting them with theoretical and methodological references. His research feeds back the collective and strengthens in our work the inseparable character between form and content, theory and practice, text, image and object.

Fábio was the first of us to explore the detours that brought us to graphic design. Experimenting in an autonomous and self-taught way since the first years of university, he also accumulated experiences as a freelancer and collaborator in agencies, thus developing a great fluency in graphic languages. His natural detachment and his willingness to listen allow him to absorb and translate with great versatility the different universes of references and concepts that we gather to compose the imagery of each work.

Since 2007  Patricia has dedicated herself to refining her visual language through photography, whether exhibiting in group and individual shows, or covering concerts, cultural events and everyday life. At tantocria, her gaze, at the same time experienced and always renewed by an acute intuition, goes beyond the field of photography and brings to our graphic, editorial and spatial works a very unique compositional and visual elaboration.

daniel sabóia

fabio steque

Patricia Almeida

who creates with us

We are mainly interested in meeting, experimenting and creating  means to  bring people together, mix languages and share imaginaries. 

Each project brings with it a new set of collaborators e a universe of ideas that we investigate to translate into images and spaces to be traversed with our eyes, hands or body.

tantocria is the encounter of three friends, lovers of graphic, visual and spatial arts. Patricia Almeida, Fábio Steque and Daniel Sabóia have been collaborating since 2011, when they were still colleagues at the Faculty of Architecture at the Federal University of Bahia and were beginning to explore ways to expand their creative field towards graphic design, photography and ephemeral architecture. 

From 2015 on, this tripod  forms the basis for broader and diverse collaborations, with performance and visual artists, actors, directors, poets, movie makers, cultural producers, institutions, research groups, events and all kinds of projects that we can creatively contribute to.

dois homens e uma mulher, sentados e sorrindo
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